About Us

Templelinks Pvt Ltd ,an application based service startup, led by a team of young and vibrant people who have a thorough knowledge of Temples, Temple Rituals and Technology while working towards offering a digital solution to Temples so as to enhance their level of engagement with their devotees.

Why Choose Us

Templelinks is based on its three core values of trust , transparency and tolerance. Trust you with your faith for a transparent devotional experience. Templelinks offers the following benefits -

  • Temple Network - Over 300 + Temples are part of the Templelinks network.
  • Every booking made by devotees undergoes a foolproof follow-up system to ensure that each and every reservation is completed successfully. We also make sure to share relevant invoices, including GST details, for any service charges collected..

How Does It Work?

  • A profile is created for the Temple and linked to the Templelinks App .
  • The Temple Profile will consist of the following :
    • Brief description of Temple.
    • Auspicious days and Festivals.
    • Photos and Videos of the Temples.
    • Puja offering, Date and Timing.
  • The devotees can download the App and start interacting with Temples.
  • Devotees can book their Darshan through this App by using Virtual Queuing System and have darshan without violating the Covid 19 Protocol.
  • Devotees can request for Puja and offerings through this App and make payment through from anywhere in the world.
  • Devotees can make Donations through this App so that temples can receive funds without the physical presence of Devotees in Temple.
  • Divinity and the glory of the temple will be promoted through the App and website so that the Temples will get more exposure and the interested Devotees can make Donations and puja offerings through this App.
  • Templelinks has tie-ups with leading courier companies and Devotees can receive the Prasad by courier without much delay.
  • Devotees can have Live darshan of Temple and Puja online and be a part of the divine experience.
  • The Temple can use this App for setting up local news network to broadcast Temple related news, Programs, Photos and videos every day to their Devotees and increase engagement.
  • Temples can be part of this Virtual Revolution with zero investment to avail the above services and can be registered by signing a simple MOA.
  • Temples can use the app services for raising funds from Devotees across the world for any specific projects/events/occasions.
  • Other than the above mentioned benefits, temples can seek support for billing and accounting services by associating with ESY India ,a Leading POS company in India.

DISCLAIMER :- While most of the temples listed in the app have authorized our presence, there are a few temples where we may not have an official tie-up or representation. In such cases, we offer our services to devotees to fulfill their devotional requirements, such as puja bookings, prasadam delivery, and special darshan, with additional charges. For more information, please refer to the disclaimers mentioned in the temple and puja information within the app before making any bookings.