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NCC Nrithyashakti Registration

NCCAA Nrithyashakthi Season 1, in Partnership with NCC Directorate ( Bihar & Jharkhand) and NCCAA Bihar & Jharkhand Chapter Presented by Templelinks ,is an in-app dance competition organized to promote the talents of NCC Cadets and its Alumnus focusing on Indian Traditional Folk Dance forms celebrating seventy five years of NCC and Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

Templelinks a mobile application having over million of user network across the world creates a new dimension of various in-app events to promote Indian Arts and Culture .



  • The In-app dance competition will be a folk-dance contest between cadets/Alumnus/both of NCC Bihar and Jharkhand exclusively
  • It may be opened to other NCC Directorates on demand.
  • Dance performance videos will be published in the Templelinks Mobile App on 7th July 2022 onwards.
  • Each entry can have minimum of 1 member and maximum of 8.
  • Team hereby can be defined as a group of NCC cadets, or a combination of NCC cadets and NCC Alumnus both. Each team can have a maximum of 2 non-cadet members with the condition that the team leader is NCC cadet/and the team size is minimum four members. NCC cadets on extension will be treated as cadets.
  • If the entry is of solo performance then the participant should be a NCC Cadet.
  • Each team leader/solo participant is required to fill up a registration form available on the Templelinks website/Mobile App with mention of NCC Enrollment number ( if group – only team leaders NCC enrollment number required ).
  • Each dance video will be of minimum 2 minutes length and maximum of 4 minutes shot in wide format.
  • The dances can be of any folk song / form across India while the participants can innovate to depict dances to storytelling of war stories or other.
  • Copyrighted music cannot be used for participation.
  • Bonus points will be awarded for use of authentic folk dance and music.
  • Videos comprising of double meaning songs, gestures, vulgarity, insensitivity, provocative, communal, political messages will be instantly disqualified.
  • Participant Team can share their video entries to the dedicated WhatsApp number (+91-959114805) / email at support@templelinks.com/ or share entries in Google Drive via templelinksindia@gmail.com
  • All videos shared by participant will be edited and published by Templelinks in a prescribed format.
  • Participant entries that do not meet publishing standards such as clear audio & visuals will be disqualified by Templelinks team.
  • The Contest will be judged by the general user group of Templelinks through an in-app voting system and special points will be reserved by NCC to be nominated by NCC Directorate Bihar & Jharkhand.
  • The Participants will be shared with a video link to garner votes and promote their participation
  • Voting will be live only after a team’s video is published in the App.
  • Winners will be chosen based on the number of Votes and points reserved with NCC Directorate & NCCAA Jharkhand & Bihar Chapter.
  • The contents in app will be available in Hindi and English.


(a) Contest Announcement to cadets of NCC AA B& J 25 Jun 22

(b) Contest announcement to Public NCC AA B&J 06 July 22

(c) Collection and Publishing of Participants Videos commences 01 July 22

(d) Live Voting commences 06 July 22

(e) Last date of Uploading Video Phase 1 05 Aug 22

(f) Last date of Voting Phase 1 10 Aug 22

(g) Prizes Phase 1 15 Aug 22

(h) Last date of uploading Video Phase 2 01 Nov 22

(i) Last date of Voting Phase 2 15 Nov 22

(j) Prizes Phase 2 on NCC Day @ 75 years 27 Nov 22

Winner Announcement

The NCCAA Nrithyashakthi Winners will be announced by ADG NCC Bihar & Jharkhand. The winners will be announced in two phases .ie On Independence Day and on NCC Day.

Winning Prizes

To be decided and awarded by NCCAA Bihar & Jharkhand Chapter. All participants will receive certificates from Templelinks.