Magha Purnima - Temple Puja And Significance

2022-02-15 NISHA MENON

Purnima is a Sanskrit term for Full Moon. Magha is a month in traditional Hindu Calendar. Magha Purnima is an important day for Hindu as it falls on the Full Moon Day which roughly corresponds to the month January – February in Gregorian calendar.

The Famous Kumbh Mela and the Magha mela at Triveni Sangam in Prayagraj also falls during this month. Devotees take a sacred bath in the Sangam (Confluence point of River Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati) beginning from Paush Purnima till Magha Purnima. This day hold special significance in Buddhism religion as well, as it is believed that he announced his impending death on this day.

On this auspicious day, Devotees worship Moon God and Lord Vishnu. (Top 3 Vishnu Temples in Templelinks to offer Puja). Templelinks is a mobile application that connects temples to devotees virtually and offers varied services such as online puja booking, donations, virtual queue, prasadam delivery, audio and image gallery, etc.

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Rituals observed on Magha Purnima:

Fasting, Donating, Chanting and Watching LIVE Darshan are important rituals followed on this Day.

·         Observing Fast and Paying respect to Ancestors

·         Offering Puja to Lord Vishnu or Donations in Vishnu Temples will liberate you from all sins and diseases. Templelinks Mobile application facilitates a platform to directly book online puja with temples across India. Get the receipt of the puja in your email.

·         Chanting Vishnu Sahasranam & Surya Mantra is considered extremely auspicious. It helps one to get freedom from all kinds of troubles in their life.

Top 3 Temples to offer Satyanarayan Puja in Templelinks:

1.      Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple: This temple is beautifully nestled on the banks of Bellandur Lake in Bangalore. Made with granite stones, it follows the Madurai style of architecture. The main deity of this temple is Srinivasa Venkateswara Swamy and the sub-deity is Lord Hanuman.

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2.      Shri Agnidurga Gopalakrishna Temple: This is one of the oldest temples in Mangalore District in Karnataka. The picturesque beauty of this temple makes it a must place to visit. Located close to the Palguni river with dense coconut and arracanut plantations.

Book Satyanarayan Puja for Rs. 8000/-

3.      Sree Prasanna Bhadrakali Temple: This temple is located to the North of Bengaluru in Nelamangla Taluk. The deity of this temple is powerful and is one of the fierce forms of the Great Goddess Shakti or Adi Parashakti. The Goddess is represented with three eyes and three hands, carrying a weapon on One hand and a small task protruding from her mouth.

Book Satyanarayan Puja for Rs. 3000/- Or (Group) Satyanarayan Puja for Rs.101/-

Lord Satyanarayan is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that performing Satyanarayan Puja with fast and utmost devotion will appeal to the Lord and he will shower his compassionate grace on the devotees. Listen to Satyanarayan Katha by tuning in to LIVE Channel on Templelinks App – LIVE streaming of Satyanarayan Katha. DOWNLOAD NOW!