Top Saraswati Temples to Book Puja - Basant Panchami

2022-02-03 NISHA MENON

The Onset of Spring season - Basant Panchami also known as Vasant Panchami is observed on the fifth day of Shukla Paksh every year. According to Hindu Mythology Maa Saraswati the “Goddess of learning” is worshipped on this day.

Brahma created Saraswati as the incarnation of knowledge. She symbolizes creative energy and power in all its form including longing and love.

Basant Panchami festival is celebrated across the nation, especially in the North & East India. There is a tradition on this day to worship books, musical instruments and Offer puja to Maa Saraswati. This day is significant for Vidya Aramb - where young children are introduced to learning through books.

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Top 4 Goddess Temples in Templelinks to Offer Saraswati Puja:

1.    Maa Nalateshwari Temple:

This temple is one of the 51 shaktipeethas. According to the mythologies, Sati self-immolate herself without bearing the pain of Lord Shiva’s insult by her outrageous father Dakshya. Thus, Sati’s body parts fell on this place, and the shrine came to be known as Maa Nalateshwari.

The main puja offered in this temple is Shringar with flowers for Rs.501/-

2.    Shree Brahmaji & Gayatri Temple:

Gayatri is another name for Maa Saraswati and is the consort of Lord Brahma. Located in the hill station of Rajasthan Mt.Abu, this is the only Brahma & Gayatri temple in India. This temple is one of the 400 significant temples of the region.

          The main puja offered in this temple is Abhishek for Rs.151/-

3.    Sree Puthur Durga Devi Temple:

This is an Ancient temple located in Kozhikode district in Kerala atop a small hillock. The main deity of this temple is Goddess Durga in Mahishasuramardini avatar.

          The main puja offered in this temple is Saraswathy Puja for Rs.70/-

4.    Thrikkavu Sri Durga Bhagavathy Temple:

This centuries old temple is considered as one of the 108 Durga temples consecrated by Lord Parashurama. Thrikkavu Bhagavathy is believed to be in the avatar of Sarvabeesthapradayini. The main festival of this temple is Navratri Utsavam, devotees from across the place come in large numbers for Vidyarambam puja (introducing children to formal education)

The main puja offered in this temple is Saraswathy Puja for Rs.100/-

Benefits of Saraswathy Puja:

Bhagavathy/deity in all the afore mentioned temples is worshipped in three forms: Parvati, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathy.

Saraswathy Puja removes any obstacles related to career, education and helps individual to focus on their goals and carry out the action necessary to achieve those goals. This puja also provides one with the power of divine speech.

On the Day of Basant Panchami, Templelinks will stream special LIVE Darshan of Devi temple in the Morning and Powerful Saraswati Mantra will be streamed in the Evening.

Chanting/Listening to mantra invokes the “inner sound” and meditate thus reducing stress in the body.

Download Templelinks Mobile App to Access LIVE Darshan.

Stay focused…

Jai Maa Saraswati!