Top Temples To Do Pujas On 8th Aug 2021 for Vavu Bali

2021-08-05 Nisha Menon

What is Vavubali? Before we answer this question , its imminent to establish what Karkidakom is . That time of the year where every Hindu Malayalee prays in union for the world’s suffering to end .Wonder what I am talking about, let me elucidate.

The Karkidakom Masam is the last month of Malayalam calendar, while in Gregorian calendar it corresponds to July and August months. This month is considered the worst month of the year – thanks to the bountiful showering of rain, by Rain God. Our ancestors used to approach this month with fear due to loss in cultivation of crops and thus scarcity of commodities. In order to overcome the evil effects of Karkidakom, the Sradham/Balitharpanam (rituals done for departed soul) is performed on New moon day in temples.

Hindu customs and traditions give much importance to rituals that are to be performed after the death (Sheshakriya on Vavubali), thus it is said that:

“For each and every action we perform there are two types of results. Drushta Phalam is where we see the results i;e we help someone in need, and the immense joy in their eyes gives us phalam/satisfaction. Adrushta phalam is unseen results which we do in the form of rituals to our ancestors.”

Just like the dark clouds of rain, wide spread pandemic has resulted in taking a back step with customs and traditions. But, not anymore, Templelinks Is the bridge between temples and devotees that offers best puja services with its online booking mobile app that facilitates you to book virtual pooja, online Vazhipadu and donations to temples. The booking amount is directly transferred to the temple’s account without any third party commission. We believe in 100% transparency when it comes to Godly beliefs.

This year , the most important day of the Karkidakom Month – Vavubali falls of 8 Aug 2021. Vavubali is a very important thanksgiving ceremony performed to show our gratitude towards our ancestors and mother Nature. Vavu refers to the new moon day and Bali means offering. Hence the name Vavubali. The traditional belief is that one year of the human world is equivalent to one day in the ancestral world. Here are some of the famous temples in Kerala where people throng in huge numbers to perform rituals on this day :

IvorMadom Sree Krishna temple: It is situated on the banks of Bharathapuzha which is a sacred river to people of Kerala. It is believed that post Mahabharata war, the five Pandava brothers were distraught and wandered, seeking peace to the souls of their dead relatives. During this course they ended up in this temple and offered their last rites. Thus this place is known to be a legendary place, where the living finds solace for the dead.

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Thila homam: This is the most powerful Vedic ritual performed to alleviate the adverse effects of Pitru Dosha. By doing this puja, your ancestors will bestow their blessings on your family. You can perform this pooja in Ivar Madom temple on Templelinks app for Rs. 75/-

Tali Shiva temple: It is one of the ancient, and oldest temple of Kozhikode. The architecture of this temple is a visual treat to one’s eye. The Jyotirlingam here is believed to have been installed by Lord parasurama and that is the reason that during Karikadaka masam there is a rush to perform sayoojya pooja in this temple.

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Sayoojya Puja: This vazhipadu enriches prosperity in life. It helps to remove the obstacles in attaining eternal peace and salvation at the lotus feet of Lord Maha Vishnu through Saalokyam , Saroopyam and Sameepyam for the souls of the departed ancestors .You can perform this puja in Tali Shiva temple on Templelinks App for Rs.100/-

Thirunavaya Sree Nava Mukunda Temple: This is a 5000 year old temple located in Malappuram district of Kerala. The temple is glorified in Divya Prabandha, an early medieval Tamil collection of hymns by the Vaishnava Alvars. It is one of the 108 Divya Desams dedicated to god Vishnu, who is worshipped as Navamukunda Perumal at Thirunavaya. The temple has no pond or well, and water from the river is used for all rituals. The presence of Cherutirunavaya Brahma - Siva Temples across the River Ponnani at Tavanur makes it a Trimurti sangama. The river bank in the temple are considered as holy as Kasi and the ritual offering practices for forefathers (bali tarpana/sradha puja) are similar to the ones done there.

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Pithrukarmam For Vavubali : This is a special Puja to pay homage to your departed ancestors during the Karkidakom month to attain their blessings.You can book this Puja at Thirunavaya Sree Mukunda Temple on Templelinks Mobile App for Rs.40.

Sri Anchumurthy temple - A divine spark of Anikode village of Mathur panchayath in Palakkad district, 1100 years old temple, where Lord Ganapathy, Lord Shiva, Parvati devi, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Ayyappa are worshiped with equal relevance. In Karkkidakam and Thulam “Pithruyajnam” the most relevant in the five Mahayajnas, is conducted here on the banks of river “Nila”. A union of 5 divine traditions, Ganapathyam, Saivam Shaktheyam, Vaishnavam and Sauram, are followed here.

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Mokshaparayanam - It is believed that one’s Pitris/ancestors will be eagerly awaiting for Tarpana on all the above-mentioned occasions. If no offering is made, they will return to their places disappointed, and the descendant misses their blessings which he would have received, if he had performed his filial duties. Now book this Puja at Anchumurthy Temple on Templelinks Mobile App for Rs.251

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