Puja Details

Kunkumaarchana is believed to be most favourite offering for Bhagavathy.
This offering is done to get rid of sorrows / worries
This is offering brings Peace of mind.
This offering brings Relief from diseases related to Eyes and devotees are blessed to see goodness around.
This is offered to please Bhagavathy to bless devotee for the fulfilment of Desire .
This is done every day for all kinds of prosperities. Nithya Puja is a combination of Archana, Pushpanjali etc.
This offering is done on Ayilyam star day in every malayam month.Benefits are Begetting Children, Liberation from diseases, Longevity and to get rid of Sarpa Dosham
This offering is done to To get favour of luck and good fortune.
Swayamvara Archana for desire fulfilment regarding marriage matters.It helps with early marriage and those involved in love – romantic relationship will have marriage held.
Trikala Puja is performed as 3 Pujas in a Day.This offering brings good Health, wealth and and cure sins and issues of previous birth etc.